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Above THE KNEE (OTK): A kind of spanking wherein the dominant or major is seated and turns the submissive or base more than their knee in order to spank the buttocks.

GATES OF HELL: A male chastity unit consisting of a number of metallic rings connected by a leather-based band which can be placed throughout the penis. GENITAL CLAMP: Any unit designed to be clamped around the genitals, both as Element of genitorture or to sensitize the genitals. Commentary:

Almost always refers to the submissive who frequently wears tight-fitting vinyl, leather, PVC, or rubber suits having a hood or mask. Often made use of insultingly or to point derision of the person so named. GIMP MASK: Colloquial

PRIMAL Engage in: A variety of BDSM emphasizing tough, Uncooked, animalistic passion. It could include things like components for instance wrestling, biting, or fear Enjoy. It sometimes also does not contain fastened roles of domination or submission, but somewhat may incorporate people challenging one another for the dominant position.

LEGREE: An employ employed for putting, similar in design and style to your dragon's tail but with out a rigid handle.

BDSM contracts will not be legally valid or enforceable, but are useful applications for defining what routines are and so are not satisfactory As well as in what contexts.

How limited it's clamped depends upon the pain tolerance of the person it is made use of on. A ball crusher is often combined with bondage, possibly that has a husband or wife or by oneself. Parachute[edit]

, FISHHOOK, FISHHOOKING: The follow of preserving a submissive's mouth open up by webpage the use of blunt hooks positioned within the corners on the mouth that draw the lips apart, often for oral intercourse.

FLORENTINE: A flashy flogging strategy involving the usage of a flogger in Each individual hand. The floggers are swung in the figure-eight pattern. Occasionally identified as a double weave. See connected

NAILING: The apply of utilizing nails pushed via aspects of your body like the labia, scrotum, or other A part of the human body as being a method of bondage.

GOKKUN: (from the Japanese , "gulp.") A sexual exercise, originating in Japan, by which a person beverages a sizable quantity of ejaculate from the container. GOR: A mythical World developed by science fiction author John Norman and utilised as being the setting for a complete series of science fiction novels.

SENSUAL DOMINATION: domination wherein the dominant husband or wife engages in routines meant to remember to the submissive spouse.

BUTTERFLY CHAIR: A chair which is made up of two horizontal planks to which the legs could be secured, affixed to a pivot these which the legs in the secured person is often unfold apart.

FLAGGING: The act of putting on a specific apparel, insignia, jewelry, or other indicator as a means of expressing curiosity in a selected type of BDSM functions. See associated hanky code.

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